St. Eustatius is affectionately called Statia by residents and visitors to the island. The strategic geographic position of Statia has long influenced its role in international trade. Such was the level of prosperity at the end of the 18th century that the island earned the nickname “The Golden Rock”.

Today, Statia plays a major role as an important trans-shipment port for oil from the Arabian Gulf, Africa and Venezuela to oil importing and consuming states. Since October 10, 2010 Statia has undergone exciting developmental changes and is improving its institutional arrangements to allow us to respond with greater efficiency to persons and companies expressing interest in establishing business ventures on the island.

The Government of St. Eustatius is actively pursuing investors in the tourism, service and light industry sectors. Among others, Statia has opportunities for:
– Small clean industries
– Hotel development
– Freezone opportunities
– Marina development
– Cruise port expansion
– Airport expansion

Some of the opportunities for investors are:
– Governmet lease land
– Joint Venture opportunities
– Government incentives
– Several economic sectors remain untapped
– Multi-ethnic bilingual community
– Untapped intra-Caribbean market
– Dutch Caribbean programme in Europe
– Easy access European Common Market

Why Invest in Statia?
St. Eustatius offers potential investors:
– Genuinely friendly people
– Peace & tranquility
– Relatively low crime
– Close proximity to St.Maarten
– Stable government
– A multi-ethnic multi-lingual community

You are invited to consider Statia as your next opportunity for business and look forward to welcoming you on the island. For more information on investment opportunties in St. Eustatius please e-mail us at