In the spotlight

Andrenne Roulston MSA

Managing Director of Angel’s Administration on St Eustatius

Please introduce yourself.

“I am Andrenne Roulston, the Managing Director of Angel’s Administration BV on the island of St. Eustatius for over 9 years already. My background spans the fields of accounting, preliminary audits, taxation, business management, entrepreneurship and training.


I received my graduate degree from Kaplan University and my undergraduate degree from the University of Technology Jamaica, both specializing in the field of Accounting with an emphasis on auditing. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses. We’ve provided services to many organizations on St. Eustatius including local government, non-profit organizations and small and medium sized enterprises.


I also love teaching and believe that everyone can learn. I am the Founder & President of A+ Academic and Professional Training Centre, where I’ve been involved in education at the secondary and tertiary level for over sixteen years teaching in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and St. Eustatius. I see education as a powerful tool that can alter an individual’s life and know that we are all lifelong learners:  The truly educated never graduate.”


What are the services you can provide for clients?

“We provide a full range of financial, administrative, and training services. From accounting, tax services for businesses as well as individuals, cash flow management and payroll to human resource management and the implementation of new accounting software packages. 

We can also assist in business start-up, budgeting and forecasting, business plans and financial projections. But don’t forget personal income planning and financial budgeting for individuals. 

Please check out our website for a complete overview of our services.”


Do you serve Saba clients too?

“At the moment we don’t have Saba clients, however plans are in place to expand to the region before the year end.”


What can you advise business owners who want to do their own bookkeeping and taxes? In what way can you support them?

“We do provide support to entrepreneurs who want to carry out their own administration. We advise however if they do not have an accounting background to let us set up the administration, bookkeeping controls and chart of accounts with their accounting software. We also provide on the job training for persons who want to use accounting programs such a QuickBooks. We encourage that even when they start to do their own administration that they have us give oversight to ensure that accounting and tax rules and protocols are being followed.”


Can you give an estimation of the costs for doing bookkeeping and or taxes for businesses? 

“Accounting and tax services are never the same even for clients in the same industry. Our consultants will sit with the client to fully understand their needs and as such provide a customized and tailor-made engagement proposal that best suit their needs. The size of the business and level of transaction and activity plays an important role also.

Service costs may range from as low as $150 per month to $3000, $4000. It is really difficult to give a fixed price in this field.

For example, if a client only wants us to process payroll for 2 employees, this may cost $50 per month. If they also want us to to dialogue with the tax office when needs be, submit and process tax declarations and submit cumulative wage sheets, then the fee will be more than that.”