On January 27, 1989, the Island Council of the Island Territory authorize the Excecutive Council to enter into an agreement with Statia Terminal N.V. , and the Island Territory commited itself to designate the referenced area “Tumble Down Dick” as a Free Trade Zone area, and accepted Statia Terminal as an entrepreneur established in a free trade zone. In according with the term of the Economic Zone ordinance (2001 National Ordinance E-Zone) all Free Trade Zone and all entities previously admitted to Free Zone are automatically admitted to the new E-Zone In St. Eustatius the only E-Zone is the area known as “Tumble Down Dick” (bordered on the one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other sides by Island Territory land and “Schotsenhoek”. v


The tax facilities offered to E-Zone companies are:

  • 0% import, export and excise duties;
  • 2% profit tax on export profits;
  • 0% sales tax;
  • 0% land and property taxes.

So far the information about the E-Zone. 


Saba doesn’t have any E-Zone.